Our Missionaries

If you’ve been around church for any amount of time in your life, then you’ve probably heard of The Great Commission. It’s found in Matthew 28 as Jesus ascends into heaven and leaves His disciples to continue His ministry on earth. 

Share the Love of Jesus Christ

In Acts 1:8, Jesus calls us to be His witnesses to our local community, immediate community, the surrounding region, and “to the ends of the earth.” And though the Church has made strides and brought the gospel to all corners of the world, there is still work to be done!  

Did you know there are still about 7,000 unreached people groups in the world today who have never heard the message of Jesus? Let’s make a dent in that number by supporting a global missionary! 

Our Missionaries

Craig and Daisy Tippie

Huacho, Peru
Pastoring CC of Juacho and currently leading a SoM for young people.

Ernesto Gomez Casanova

Havanna, Cuba
Pastoring two churches in Havanna and La Salud.

Tonio & Lindsay

Nice, France
We live in Nice, France with our daughter Daphné and son Django, and we work with Calvary Chapel Nice.

Traian and Lidia Opruta

Alba, Romania
Trian and Lidia are bringing the Word of Jesus to kids in Romania through their ministry.

The Marin Family

California, USA
Julio moved to California to serve Japanese College Students.