Visit Calvary Surfside

What is the Sunday Service Time?

Sunday service begins at 10:00 a.m.

What will services be like? 

Christ centered contemporary worship with in-depth Bible teaching.

When do you partake communion?

The 3rd Sunday Service of each month is a communion service.

Will I have to say anything or give anything?

No, we enjoy a friendly atmosphere where people can fellowship with others on a level at which they feel most comfortable. Secondly, we do not take an offering. We believe where God guides, God provides. There is an offering box in the back of the sanctuary for those who feel led to give.

What should I wear to the services?

Dress is beach casual at Calvary Surfside. Common dress ranges from golf shirts and jeans or shorts to "business casual" dress. Please wear whatever is appropriate for you. Coats and ties are rarely sighted at Surfside.