Useful Links

1. Dr Michael Heiser is the author of the current and hugely appreciated Book: “The Unseen Realm”. An amazing book that opens your eyes to the many aspects of the Spiritual or Divine Realm presented to us from Genesis to Revelation. His podcast is fantastic. Learn More   

2. The Calvary Chapel Association website is loaded with great Christian resources all sourced out of the Calvary Chapel movement. Learn More

3. The Christian Post is a Newsweek or Time magazine like website written from the Evangelical Christian World View. Learn More  [annoying ads but great Christian news content]

4. The Enduring Word Commentary by Pastor David Guzik. Awesome commentary of the entire Bible in a very easy to ready and understand presentation. Learn More  

5. Pastor Chuck Smiths Commentary on the entire Bible found on the Blue Letter Bible: Learn More              Pastor Chuck’s method of Bible Exposition was : “Simply Teach the Bible Simply!” 

6. Pastor Ray Stedman’s Commentaries on selected books of the Bible. A bit deeper in their exposition but worth the effort. Learn More 

7. Got is a spectacularly useful website loaded with answers to almost any question you might have about the Bible and Christianity. Answers are based on sound Biblical Doctrine. Learn More

8. Pastor Charlie Campbell’s Apologetics website is awesome, full of useful material for defending the Judeo-Christian Faith. Extremely up to date on today’s attacks on our faith. Learn More  


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