Holy Communion

First, When Jesus began communion, His commands were to do it and to do it to remember Him. Thus we don’t refuse Communion to anyone who wants to remember Jesus. Communion belongs to the people, not to the elite. Communion is for anyone who wants to remember and honor Jesus.

Second, the very act of participating in communion identifies you with the Kingdom of God and symbolizes the continuing forgiveness of sin that Jesus offers. If in your heart you want to be His and are sorry for your own sins and wish to be cleansed of them, you have every reason to want to partake in communion. Communion reminds you that Jesus accepts you and “keeps on forgiving.”

Third, it is a celebration of what Jesus has already done, not what we have or are doing. That fact is the joy of the New Testament. Righteousness is beyond our achievements, so Jesus provided it for us by His death and resurrection. Now all we have to do is believe on Him, accept His grace and we’re covered by His Blood.

Fourth, communion is not a “reward” for having reached a certain age or joined a certain church. It is simply a declaration of whose side you are on. Communion is for anyone who wants to say “I believe and I belong.” It is not limited to those in good standing in some institution or religion. Often people ask me at what age they should permit their children to participate in communion. My answer is simply, “At whatever age you want them to remember Jesus.”

Fifth, people ask how often we should partake in communion. Churches have even split over whether it was to be weekly, monthly, quarterly. I don’t know the answer to that. Jesus didn’t say. He only said that as often as we do it, do it in remembrance of Him. Maybe we should do it as often as we wish to remember Him. Hmmm.

Finally, communion rings the bells of our expectancy. It reminds us that Jesus is returning and we will do this again with Him at a great banquet. What a healing to our hearts! Hopefully you can now see that Jesus is God’s open door with a smiling, welcoming face. The table behind Him is ready. Welcome to the celebration! Let’s Partake!